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Catering Menu

Traditional Buffet - £6.50 per head

Mini cornish pasties and vegetable tartlets

Smoked bacon and blue cheese quiche in a crunchy parmesan pastry crust

Asparagus and cheddar quiche in a crunchy parmesan pastry crust

Assorted sandwiches and wraps made with a selection of breads

Selection of crudities served with dipping sauce

Tortilla crisps

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Platter Buffet - £8.95 per head

Sliced gammon ham and sliced roast beef

Brie and roasted sunblush tomato quiche

Platter of cheese

Selection of crudities and tortillas with dips

Hot jacket potatoes and butter

Freshly baked mediterranean dinner rolls

Green salad bowl and cherry tomatoes

Homemade Coleslaw

New Potato and Chive Salad

Wardolf salad

Deluxe Buffet - £10.95 per head

Leek, spring onion and cheddar cheese quiche 

Chicken pasta salad

French bean salad and sundried tomato

Classic tuna salad

Coronation slaw

Grain and pulse salad

Roasted pepper and couscous salad

Bread basket

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One Fork Hot Meal - £6.95 per head

Cottage Pie, served with Fresh vegetables

Chicke/vegetable curry, served with poppadums

Chicke/vegitable chilli (mild/hot) served with salad and french bread

Breakfast Choices - £4.50 per head

Tea and Coffee, served with a warm bacon or sausage soft bab/vegitarian burger with egg

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Coffee served with danish pastry of cake £3.50

Coffee served with biscuits £2.50

Tee of coffee £1.75

Water or Juice £1.25


Please note all catering prices are subject to VAT