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Environmental Space Living Lab

Environmental Space Living Lab

Enabling Agritech adoption across the UK

The Environmental Space Living Lab (ESLL) is an innovation ecosystem that bridges the gap between end-users and service providers by providing access to facilities and expertise created to support the design, testing, and validation of new agricultural and environmental technology services. The ESLL provides access to 5G connectivity, robotics, sensors on the ground and Earth Observation data from space. We offer a user-centred approach support to integrate, accelerate, and test new ideas in real-world test environments around the UK. Designed to enable proof of concepts and demonstrations to the right stakeholders to collect valuable data and insights for co-creation and commercialisation of new technologies.
Key Challenge Areas:
The ESLL focuses on sustainable agricultural and land management practices, and enables effective compliance with environmental regulations through three key challenge areas underpinned by connectivity, autonomy, and geospatial data:
Soil - Functioning soils are essential to national food security, clean water provision, and carbon sequestration. Space technologies enable automated soil monitoring through Earth Observation, remote sensing, and satellite-enabled IoT.
Water - Satellite data and geospatial approaches are essential to manage water catchments that span huge geographies across complex topographies. When catchments are poorly managed the environment is less able to clean water, refill aquifers, and reduce flood impacts.
Biodiversity - Agriculture alone poses a threat to 86% of species at risk of extinction. Monitoring biodiversity must be faster and at scale. Satellite technology can track species movements and migrations, ensure environmental corridors, and predict where species will be able to live under future conditions.
The ESLL offer

Opportunity exploration workshops

Solution acceleration and testing

Commercialisation support

Community and networking


ESLL Partners

Co-funded by the Heart of the Southwest Local Enterprise Partnership and Innovate UK, the ESLL operates across the following consortium partners: Satellite Application Catapult, Petroc College in North Devon, Bicton College in East Devon and Bridgwater and Taunton College in Somerset. They also include the North Devon Biosphere, Plymouth and Exeter Universities and Devon and Dorset County Councils. The Lab leverages resources from the Satellite Applications Catapult and its partners including Earth Observation data, 5G pop-up masts and real-world test sites to enable delivery of support for your business.








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