At Cotie, we understand that a business owner’s working week isn’t 9-5, from Monday to Friday. When you are financially and emotionally invested in your own venture, it is a 24/7 commitment.

We also strongly believe that loyalty should be rewarded, in both life and business.

That’s why we have created the Cotie Membership programme.

When you become a Cotie Member, you are able to use our facilities outside of standard office hours. You will even receive hugely discounted rates on all your space hire and materials.

Signing up is quick and easy and, following a safety induction and any training you may require, you will be free to use our facilities as if they were an extension of your own business.


Cotie Innovation Launchpad.

Cotie Membership Rates

£120 for a full year

£90 for six months

£30 for one month

All prices are subject to V.A.T. 

Benefits of Cotie Membership

You can book to use facilities outside of standard office hours

25% discount on all your bookings, regardless of time and duration


All consumables priced per project

25% discount does not apply to consumables, Courses or hospitality

How Cotie Membership Works

You simply pay upfront for your chosen membership duration.

You will then undertake a full safety induction, and receive expert instruction in the use of all equipment you wish to use.

You are provided with a security key fob, which will grant you access to the facilities.

You can book your chosen spaces ahead of time, with the Centre Co-ordinator.

At the end of each month, you will be billed for the facilities (and materials) you have used, and your discounts will be automatically applied.

Terms & Conditions of Use

All members are required to undertake a full safety induction prior to using the facilities

All members must inform the Centre Co-ordinator of all equipment they are planning to use, and receive appropriate training in their use (where required). Failure to do so may result in the member being charged for any damage they may cause to the equipment or facility

Members are responsible for cleaning their workspace following use

Members must ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed at all times

Members are not permitted to grant access to any facilities to non-members, unless they have received prior and specific permission from the Centre Co-ordinator

In case of emergency, members are expected to be familiar with the out-of-hours emergency hotline, and to call for assistance when required