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Are you aware of this great project being run by Cosmic to reduce the number of devices going to landfill and redeploying them to people that need them?

In this world with Covid and possible the new world after it is even more important that people are enabled for digital life. Many households find the cost of IT equipment prohibitive and Cosmic are trying to address this but need your help.

If you would like to help by donating here is the information you will need;

Cosmic Laptop Refurb Project:

Making a difference in Devon

Dear Sir/Madam

Cosmic have recently begun a laptop refurbishment project designed to reduce the number of devices being sent to land fill and recycling centres when we feel they can be brought back to life and given a new home with someone who needs it most.

Did you know:

· We generate around 40 million tons of electronic waste every year, worldwide. That’s like throwing away 800 laptops every second.

· Electronic waste is the fastest growing category of waste globally. The European Commission expects e-waste to grow to 12 million tonnes per year by 2020.

· Components in e-waste pose a serious risk to our health and the environment. E-waste comprises 70% of our overall toxic waste.

Due to the nature of technology and its sometimes-limited lifespan a lot of devices are discarded as companies and individuals look to upgrade to newer and faster models. We’d love to redirect these unwanted devices to people who don’t currently have a means to access the internet or necessary hardware and software and are missing out on vital services and opportunities. We are trialling this within the Positive People Project here in Devon and will be using participants on the project who have an interest in computer hardware/software to help us refurbish and upgrade the devices before being passed onto other participants on the project identified as needing them the most. Not only does this provide a laptop to an individual, but it also provides an opportunity for people to learn about computer hardware and software at a build level.

We are therefore asking for donations of any fully functioning unwanted laptops you may have. We are looking for devices that power up with Pentium Core Duo/Core 2 processors,

4gb RAM, and internal Wi-Fi as a minimum specification, and that any data is wiped from the hard drive. We can arrange collection and would love to post some pictures and wording to our social media about your donation. Highlighting the positive contribution your company has made towards a cleaner, greener planet, the social impact you’ve been a part of, and some of the lives of people you will be helping to change for the better.

Cosmic is a social enterprise, as well as being a top quality and professional business, we work hard to achieve social impact and improve people's lives. We aim to overcome digital inclusion by delivering the best IT and digital advice, delivery and support services to all in order to reduce the digital divide. As part of this work Cosmic delivers digital support, training and guidance to individuals and groups within Devon and Somerset as part of a project called Positive People.

The Positive People project is funded by The European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund and offers a lifeline to people who are not in work to help build confidence, skills and give a sense of hope for the future. It gives people the opportunity to get involved in local communities, meet new people and have fun through a range of activities. Cosmic’s role is to help them develop their digital skills and understanding whilst building confidence, and opportunities within this safe and welcoming environment.

If you are interested and would like to donate, would like some further details about our project, or would like to discuss suitability of any devices you may have to offer please contact us on or 0330 0883 005 (option 2).


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