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As the curtain rises on another thrilling edition of Eurovision, we cannot underestimate the role of technology in crafting this global phenomenon. From the intricate sets to the mesmerizing lighting, every element is brought to life through a harmonious marriage of skill, talent, and cutting-edge tools.

Thanks to the digital replica (digital twin) of the show and the expertise of designers, Eurovision continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on a grand stage. The Contest's current high level of production owes a debt of gratitude to the incredible advancements in technology that make the Eurovision experience truly extraordinary.

When it comes to the world's biggest song contest, Eurovision, the extravagant performances and dazzling stage productions never fail to captivate audiences worldwide, but have you ever wondered how such a massive and intricate event is brought to life? In this exclusive feature, we delve into the fascinating world of stage design and explore the pivotal role that technology plays in creating the Eurovision magic.

Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Imagination:

Within the sprawling landscape of Eurovision stage design, there are countless elements that must seamlessly come together. From sets and LED lighting to automation, rigging, screens, and broadcast facilities, every detail is meticulously planned to deliver a visual feast for viewers. Behind the scenes, there is an unsun who oversees it all – the mastermind responsible for orchestrating this complex symphony of creativity and technology.

Behind the scenes a team of CAD engineers, rely on the power of digital technology to turn their vision into a breathtaking reality. By utilizing a digital replica of the contest, they can troubleshoot issues and experiment with new ideas. The team of CAD engineers who are constantly updating the model of the show to enable the crew to make almost instantaneous decisions when problems arise.

The Perfect Marriage of Skill and Technology:

While technology acts as an indispensable tool, the magic lies in the skill and talent of the designers.

The digital replica, created with CAD software, allows them to fully grasp each country's creative vision and determine the feasibility of its implementation.

Technology means they can be certain about the decisions that they are making, In a contest featuring 37 acts and numerous interval performances, the scale of the production is nothing short of immense. Each performance demands meticulous attention to detail, encompassing props, set pieces, and lighting. With CAD, designers can visualize and fine-tune every element, ensuring that the stage becomes a canvas for artistic expression.

The Power of Instantaneous Decision-Making:

Time is of the essence when preparing for Eurovision. The intense schedule necessitates rapid decision-making, and here is where the digital replica of the show proves its worth. By constantly updating the model, the team can respond swiftly to challenges that arise during the production process. Troubleshooting becomes more efficient, and innovative solutions can be tested and implemented seamlessly.

From a technological standpoint, Eurovision's stage is a marvel of engineering and innovation. With over 450 square meters of staging and an additional 220 square meters of independently moving and turning video screens, the scale and complexity are nothing short of astounding. As if that weren't enough, more than 700 video tiles seamlessly integrated into the floor add another layer of visual enchantment.

Visual Wizardry: Creative Technology and Disguise Take the Lead: To bring this immersive visual experience to life, UK-based firm Creative Technology takes the spotlight, providing the impressive video screens, including the mesmerizing LED floor. This dynamic LED flooring allows for swift stage transformations between countries in a mere 40 seconds, thanks to digital technology from Eurovision partner Disguise. Displaying stage marks in the LED flooring, this innovative feature ensures seamless transitions, captivating the audience with fluidity and precision.

A Symphony of Light: The Visionary Lighting Designer: At the heart of Eurovision's captivating stage design lies the mastery of the lighting designer. With over 1,500 meters of LED lights at their disposal, they paint the stage with vibrant hues, accentuating every nuance of the performances. Their artistic prowess combined with the versatility of LED lights creates a dynamic ambiance that enhances the emotional impact of each act, captivating the audience's senses.

A Technological Marvel in Motion: As Eurovision unfolds, the intricate dance between technology and creativity becomes increasingly apparent. The harmonious integration of staging, moving video screens, video tiles, LED flooring, automated cueing systems, and mesmerizing lighting sets the stage for a truly extraordinary experience. From the grand transformations between countries in mere seconds to the precision-driven camera cues and the ethereal glow of the LED lights, Eurovision demonstrates the limitless possibilities that emerge when technology and artistic vision intertwine.


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