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Diane Gilpin, Founder and CEO at Smart Green Shipping Alliance

Is outstanding in her career in innovation and systems design spanning the last 30 plus years. Diana Gilpin has been credited with launching the mobile phone network in the UK to working for several Formula One motor racing teams and Founder of  Smart Green Shipping Alliance.

The Smart Green Shipping Alliance gives more information about Diana on their website, it tells us;

Diane Gilpin designed and leads Smart Green Shipping, SGS Ltd, a collaborative industry initiative focussed on developing technically, commercially and environmentally superior systems solutions for shipping.

She advises the UK Government as a member of the Clean Maritime Council and acts an expert reviewer for high level policy recommendations focused on decarbonising shipping.

Professional Experience

Diane has worked for 30+ years at the cutting edge of technology, innovation, communications and systems design. In the 1980s she led on Advertising and Sponsorship on the launch team for the first ever cellular telephone system in the UK; she worked for several Formula One motor racing teams developing sponsorship, managing media and facilitating the transfer of safety, efficiency and performance technology from Grand Prix racing cars to road cars, and she was the only woman managing a Formula Three racing team in the 1980s. She was on the launch team for the first ever windows based financial information system for a newly deregulated City of London in the 1990s. She managed offshore yacht racing teams in the late 1990s, and early 2000s. Diane pioneered renewable energy, wind power and anaerobic digestion, with the B9 Energy group from the early 2000s and created and led B9 Shipping from which SGS Ltd was developed.

Diane won an InnovateUK ‘Women in Innovation’ Award in 2016, ‘One to Watch’ at Ship Efficiency Awards 2015. She co-designed and co-organised the Ambition 1.5: Global Shipping’s Action Plan at COP23 in Bonn in 2017, spoke about the opportunities for shipping in embracing the climate challenge at COP21 in Paris. She regularly appears on TV, radio and in print media discussing shipping and climate change.

While reading up on Diana, I came across an interview with Safety4Sea, Diana was asked what her personal motto is;

Never give up!

A good motto for us all in these unusual times.


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