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In a world that is increasingly shaped by technological advancements, businesses must adapt and innovate to stay ahead. Recognizing this need, Petroc, in collaboration with key industry players such as Barclays Eagle Labs, Heathcoat Fabrics, Innovate UK, and Mid Devon Council, has recently secured funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to create a Business Innovation Hub at their Tiverton campus.

We need your views! Please register to join us on Friday 9 June 2023. Petroc is keen to hear from potential users and other interested parties to help inform their plans, so they invite you to come along to their Business Breakfast event from 8:00am-9:30am. Not only will you learn more about the Hub, but you will also be able to help them shape their plans to ensure they meet your needs. Keynote speakers will present on relevant local topics as well as new business funding, and business support.

This hub promises to be a haven for cutting-edge technologies and immersive experiences, offering unique opportunities to explore virtual reality (VR), metaverse conferencing software, virtual tours, 360 cameras, 3D scanners, expertise in XR and 3D printing capabilities. This offers exciting possibilities for both businesses and the local community.

Unleashing the Power of VR and the Metaverse: The Business Innovation Hub at Petroc's Tiverton campus will serve as a gateway to the future.

Come to our breakfast event as one of the key highlights is the opportunity to get hands-on with VR headsets and experience metaverse conferencing software.

These immersive technologies revolutionize how businesses collaborate, communicate, and conduct meetings. Imagine joining a meeting where participants from different corners of the world come together in a virtual environment, interacting as if they were in the same room. The possibilities are endless, and the Business Innovation Hub breakfast provides the perfect setting to explore and harness these transformative technologies.

Embarking on Virtual Tours: Virtual tours have emerged as a game-changer in industries such as real estate, tourism, and education. At the Business Innovation Hub breakfast individuals and businesses can discover the tech to create captivating virtual tours, offering an entirely new way to showcase properties, destinations, and educational content.

Explore breathtaking landscapes, visit architectural wonders, or step into historical sites without leaving the comfort of your chair. By incorporating this technology into their operations, businesses can enhance their marketing strategies, increase engagement, and reach wider audiences.

Capturing Moments with Cutting-Edge 360 Cameras. The advent of 360 cameras has revolutionized the way we capture and share moments. The Business Innovation Hub breakfast provides access to the latest 360 cameras, these allow businesses to harness the power of immersive visual storytelling. Capture stunning panoramic images or create captivating 360-degree videos to engage customers and bring them closer to your brand. The Petroc and Cotie experts can guide you through the intricacies of this technology.

Unlocking Innovation with 3D Scanners: Reverse engineering is a powerful process that allows businesses to analyze existing products, components, or objects and recreate them in a virtual or physical form. Coties Innovation Hub offers access to state-of-the-art 3D scanners, enabling businesses to delve into the realm of reverse engineering, By utilizing this technology, companies can accelerate their product development cycles, refine designs, and optimize manufacturing processes. The Coties experts will be on hand to provide guidance on the technology. At Cotie businesses are empowering to push the boundaries of innovation.

At the Business Innovation Hub breakfast, collaboration and feedback are paramount. Petroc recognizes the importance of bringing together industry leaders, local businesses, and the community to foster knowledge exchange and co-creation. On June 9, Petroc will be hosting a breakfast event from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM, where key peers such as Barclays Eagle Labs, Innovate UK, and Mid Devon Council will share their insights and experiences.

This event will provide an invaluable opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

Levelling Up Through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund: Petroc's Business Innovation Hub has received part-funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which is a

Petroc's Business Innovation Hub has received part-funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which is a central pillar of the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda and provides £2.6 billion of funding for local investment by March 2025. The Fund aims to improve pride in place and increase life chances across the UK, investing in communities and place, supporting local business, people and skills.

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