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Development Space 3D Printing event 26th - 30th October 2020

Here is your chance to find out a bit more about 3D Printing and how you can incorporate 3D printing in to your business.

Find out how your 3D design can turn into a product or prototype using a 3D printer. It's also your opportunity to check out the printers and facilities we have in our Development space here at Cotie (the Centre of Technology and Innovation Excellence).

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and see the printers, materials and software we use.

Due to Covid these 3 hour sessions will be kept small so numbers are limited to 3 but we will be running them all week from the 26th – 30th October. You will need to book on to your FREE session using EventBrite, to stay Covid secure unfortunately we must ask you to book on to a session to attend.

Free parking, tea and coffee.

No knowledge of 3D printers needed but if you do use 3D printers and just want to come along for a coffee and see other models of printers or just to look around the facilities this is a good opportunity to do so.


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