The Cotie Innovation Launchpad is a collaborative initiative between Petroc, the European Regional Development Fund, and a number of professional business organisations.

Cotie works alongside its strategic partners to support and nurture business growth, develop ideas and concepts, and promote industry innovation throughout North Devon and the surrounding region.

Due to these relationships, the business communities served by Cotie have access to a host of funded training and development programmes, coaching and mentoring services, and business development facilities, all available through our professional partners.

Please click on the below links to learn more about Cotie’s strategic partnerships, and the opportunities they provide.



The economic delivery agency for the North Devon area, working with Torridge District Council, North Devon Council, Devon County Council and the private sector to deliver projects and initiatives that support business growth, improve the quality of life and address social inequalities. North Devon+ work with the public and private sector to deliver positive change across northern Devon.


Heart of the South West Growth Hub

The Growth Hub is a single point of contact, completely free at the point of access, for all businesses seeking advice and support on any issues relating to the operations and aspirations of their business; signposting to international, national or local resources.