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Brand new course at Petroc for this September!

An amazing project

A fantastic opportunity for L3 learners whom may benefit from a 30 week course, that would also allow them to work (please enquire with regards details). A fantastic opportunity here in the heart of North Devon to gain the skills to set up a business or to develop for the workplace or continuing Education.

This year due to Covid 19- there may be more students than normal looking to delay a year prior to going to university. Whilst a gap year may usually involve travel, many students will be seeking opportunities to study locally and build upon their skills and benefit from a third year of funding!

The world is a very rapidly changing place and more people looking to seek independence and set up their own enterprises or develop entrepreneurial skills!

Petroc can bridge that gap.

Please find the link and information for the Level 3 Certificate in Business Enterprise Start up. It may be an ideal alternative for learners looking for a year course (30 weeks) and an alternative to a course that they may have applied for.

It is funded (see below 16-18 year olds) and may be suitable (Subject to employer consent) to those whom are in part time employment, as work placement forms part of the course and they would only need to attend college on Wednesday and Thursday.

There is one assignment and the aim is to expand upon their skills sets in enterprise. This could include those whom may wish to work for a year prior to university, those looking to improve upon their skills for the modern workforce, or those whom seek to set up their own business.

It would be beneficial for 18 year olds whom could then undertake other courses in the next acaemic year, and add to their qualifications, employment experience and skills sets in the meantime and assist with HE applications in the future.


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