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Now in lockdown I have the time to be curious and have started looking at innovation, entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME's in Devon.

Looking for a gift for a new mum I can across Jacqueline Waggett.

What have I discovered about Jacqueline Waggett?

Jacqueline had a idea that she turned into a successful business. No one knows what the UK, the world will look like after Coronavirus but the need for innovation and employment will be paramount to future growth and to repair the economy. Jacqueline's story and the growth of PacaPod is inspirational it shows what can be achieved when you spot an opportunity (a gap in the market), Jacqueline was experiencing a problem and looking for a solution for it (invention, innovation).

The PacaPod website tells us that the idea was originally launched at Harrogate Nursery Show in 2008 by Jacqueline since then PacaPod has gone from strength to strength employing an ever growing team of 13, having a presence in 15 countries and gaining many awards and accolades along the way.

Jacqueline would have had to learn the legalities of launching a brand and protecting the copyright, patents, trademarks, most likely would have had to raise financial investment, not forgetting hard work and commitment to her vision!

Looking at the PacaPod website I can see a theme with the marketing and can spot many places I have visited in the names of the products.

Do you have a business Idea you are working on while in isolation?

Over the coming weeks I will be posting more snippets of local businesses to inspire you but more importantly where you can find support to develop your ideas here in North Devon

To find out more about PacaPod here is the link to their website


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